vocabulary exercises

Nouns from Phrasal Verbs (1)

Choose a noun from the list to complete the sentences. There is an extra word.

break-in, breakthrough, check-up, comeback, cutback, get-together, rip-off, write-up

1.  The rock band stopped performing for about ten years but then made a very successful _______, filling stadiums like they did before.

2.  We’re having a little ______ at our house this weekend to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. We’d love you to join us.

3.  The government _______s in education were severely criticised this week by teachers’ unions.

4.  The police have finally made a major _______ in the case and may make an arrest soon.

5.  Are you sure you want to see that film? It’s had some terrible _______s in the papers.

6.  There was a ______ at the celebrity’s villa in the south of France. The thieves made off with jewellery worth over a million dollars.

7.  Thirty dollars for a cocktail! I don’t care if the views are amazing. What a ______! I’m not paying that. Let’s go to another bar.


  1. comeback  2. get-together  3. cutback  4. breakthrough  5. write-up  6. break-in  7. rip-off

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