A little bit of poetry #1

Nature’s Hand

Walking towards a wishful dream,
By your side a crooked stream,
Above, the clouds are fluffy cream,
No longer do you want to scream.

The air, it smells so sweet.
The birds go, twitter tweet.
Soft grass to place your feet.
You groove with nature’s beat.

Out here, there are no cars.
Out here, there are no bars.
Nighttime brings you Venus, Mars,
Uncountable amounts of stars.

Take it all in friendly stride,
Don’t ever feel you have to hide.
This is where you reach inside,
And spread your wings; feel them glide.

Your life is yours, not theirs to take.
Light a fire by the lake.
Always love, with whom you wake,
Never let your friendships break.

Always live without regret.
Don’t give up, not now, not yet.
Know the future isn’t set.
Appreciate what love you get.

I know that nature’s trees are tall,
There’s some you cannot climb at all-
Full in Spring ’til Autumn’s Fall,
Covered in a winter shawl.

And as the seasons come and go,
You’ll see the stream begin to grow.
Filled by your whole life you know,
Carried in the winds that blow.

Listen to the song it sings-
Love and peace is what it brings.
Sharing all the little things,
Smoothing over dents and dings.

That what living’s all about.
Never fill it up with doubt.
Look real close to find this out-
Always seek the kinder route.

And you will see, my oldest friend,
This dreamy life, it has no end.
There’s always more beyond the bend,
Nature’s hand, a limb, to lend.

Carol Lafreniere

Grammar Exercises

Linking Words: although / despite / however / providing / unless, etc

Choose the correct alternative

  1. The fancy dress party was cancelled. Nevertheless/Therefore the kids still put on their costumes.
  2. Luka knew that he was going to miss the train, providing/unless he ran very fast.
  3. Besides/In addition being a talented chef, James also writes novels.
  4. Chloe didn’t follow the recipe for the chocolate cake very closely. As a result/Consequent the cake was a disaster.
  5. At the beach Belinda put on lots of sun cream for not to/so as not to get burnt.
  6. Grace stroked the dog despite/in spite the fact we had warned her that it could bite.
  7. The teacher was delighted with her students’ exam results. She decided, so,/therefore, to take them all to the aquarium as a treat.
  8. Even so/Even though the queue outside the cinema was very long, we didn’t mind waiting.
  9. Doris said that she would work longer hours and some weekends as long as/unless they paid her overtime.
  10. Living in the city can be very exciting as there are many things to see and do. On the other hand/Moreover it can be very expensive, particularly if you have to pay rent!


    1. nevertheless  2. unless  3. Besides  4. As a result  5. so as not to  6. despite  7. therefore  8. Even so  9. as long as  10. On the other hand


Vocabulary Enriching (1)

Find the adjective which doesn’t belong in each set, and which is, in fact, an antonym.

eg. complex, demanding, difficult, straightforward, tricky  STRAIGHTFORWARD

  1. alarmed, frightened, scared, startled, terrified, unruffled  ___________________
  2. colossal, gigantic, huge, immense, minuscule, vast  ___________________
  3. animated, lethargic, lively, spirited, vibrant, vivacious  ___________________
  4. brave, courageous, daring, fearful, intrepid, valiant  ___________________
  5. beloved, cherished, despised, precious, prized, treasured  ___________________
  6. agreeable, nasty, malevolent, menacing, sinister, spiteful  ___________________
  7. brusque, cordial, discourteous, rude, surly, tactless  ___________________
  8. amiable, charitable, compassionate, considerate, harsh, kind  __________________
  9. alluring, attractive, bewitching, enticing, hideous, seductive  ___________________
  10. anguished, delighted, ecstatic, jubilant, overjoyed, thrilled  ___________________
  11. despondent, elated, glum, low, miserable, troubled  ___________________
  12. astute, bright, clever, dense, quick-witted, smart  ___________________


    1. unruffled  2. minuscule  3. lethargic  4. fearful  5. despised   6. agreeable  7. cordial 8. harsh  9. hideous  10. anguished  11. elated  12. dense