A little bit of poetry #1

Nature’s Hand Walking towards a wishful dream, By your side a crooked stream, Above, the clouds are fluffy cream, No longer do you want to scream. The air, it smells so sweet. The birds go, twitter tweet. Soft grass to place your feet. You groove with nature’s beat. Out here, there are no cars. Out…

Linking Words: although / despite / however / providing / unless, etc

Choose the correct alternative The fancy dress party was cancelled. Nevertheless/Therefore the kids still put on their costumes. Luka knew that he was going to miss the train, providing/unless he ran very fast. Besides/In addition being a talented chef, James also writes novels. Chloe didn’t follow the recipe for the chocolate cake very closely. As a…

CT Quiz 323

What’s the missing word? a _____ of contention; as dry as a _____; funny _____; (Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow 😉 )

CT Quiz 322

What’s the missing word? a patrol _____; a bumper _____; a vintage ___; a cable _____; (Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow 😉 )


“People who believe they’ll be happy if they go and live somewhere else, learn it doesn’t work that way. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you.” – Neil Gaiman

CT Quiz 321

What’s the missing word? a tourist _____; to set a ___; a ___door; (Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow 😉 )

Vocabulary Enriching (1)

Find the adjective which doesn’t belong in each set, and which is, in fact, an antonym. eg. complex, demanding, difficult, straightforward, tricky  ➔ STRAIGHTFORWARD alarmed, frightened, scared, startled, terrified, unruffled  ___________________ colossal, gigantic, huge, immense, minuscule, vast  ___________________ animated, lethargic, lively, spirited, vibrant, vivacious  ___________________ brave, courageous, daring, fearful, intrepid, valiant  ___________________ beloved, cherished, despised,…

Verb Patterns (1): Gerund or Infinitive?

Add the gerund or infinitive form (with or without “to”) of the verb in brackets. Beatrice offered __________ (carry) my suitcase. “Do you mind __________ (babysit) Leo for a few hours? I really need __________ (get) some rest.” Kevin is tired of __________ (sit) in traffic jams every morning. We decided __________ (adopt) a dog…


Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap. The trains never run on time. The service is very ________ .  RELY He could hear his neighbours having an _____ about money.  ARGUE Kiwis are very ________. They are full of vitamins.  NUTRITION   Answers unreliable  2. argument  3. nutritious  (or…

CT Quiz 319

What’s the missing word? look like the cat that _____ed the canary; a bitter pill to _____; _____ sth hook line and sinker; (Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow 😉 )

Verb Training (3) – Past Simple

Level: Elementary-Pre-Intermediate Change these present simple sentences to the past simple. You catch the train just in time. Does he walk to work every day? I hear the news on the radio. We fly to the United States. The homework doesn’t take long. She grows up on a farm. Where do you meet? He spends…

Suzanne’s Online Conversation Classes

Improve Your Speaking Skills Faster and More Effectively  Do you know plenty of English but you are frustrated at your lack of fluency? Are there so many students in your English class that you don’t get enough individual attention or time to practise speaking? Do you feel your pronunciation needs improvement but you have nobody…