Grammar Exercises

Linking Words (1): Although / despite / however, besides, etc

Choose the correct alternative

  1. The fancy dress party was cancelled. Nevertheless / Therefore the kids still put on their costumes.
  2. Luka knew that he was going to miss the train, providing/unless he ran very fast.
  3. Besides / In addition being a talented chef, James also writes novels.
  4. Chloe didn’t follow the recipe for the chocolate cake very closely. As a result/Consequent the cake was a disaster.
  5. At the beach Belinda put on lots of sun cream for not to/so as not to get burnt.
  6. Grace stroked the dog despite / in spite the fact we had warned her that it could bite.
  7. The teacher was delighted with her students’ exam results. She decided, so, / therefore, to take them all to the aquarium as a treat.
  8. Even so / Even though the queue outside the cinema was very long, we didn’t mind waiting.
  9. Doris said that she would work longer hours and some weekends as long as / unless they paid her overtime.
  10. Living in the city can be very exciting as there are many things to see and do. On the other hand / Moreover it can be very expensive, particularly if you have to pay rent!


    1. nevertheless  2. unless  3. Besides  4. As a result  5. so as not to  6. despite  7. therefore  8. Even so  9. as long as  10. On the other hand

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1 thought on “Linking Words (1): Although / despite / however, besides, etc”

  1. 1.Nevertheless
    5.So as not to
    8.Even though
    9.As long as
    10.On the other hand

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