Grow Your Idioms! (1)

Welcome to my new idioms section: GROW YOUR IDIOMS! Anybody who follows me on Twitter will know I’m nuts about idiomatic expressions, you’ll find my idiom tweets under #FabIdioms. And I’m not just crazy about them in my own language, I love Spanish, French and German idioms, well, idioms from anywhere and everywhere. However, we’ll keep our eyes on the prize and I’ll just teach you English ones here on my blog! 🙂

So, here goes….


Meaning: take immediate advantage of an opportunity (because later on the situation may not be so favourable)


Katerina is about to graduate from university and she’s thinking of travelling round the world for a year. However, the job market is currently very good so her father thinks she shouldn’t travel right now but start applying for jobs. He thinks she should strike while the iron is hot.

I said to a friend of mine, “You’re not working at the moment and you really need a good level of English to secure a well-paid job. Now’s the time to study and connect with English as much as possible. Make the most of this free time you have. Strike while the iron is hot!

Origin: A blacksmith needs to strike the iron while it’s still red hot and soft.
Vocabulary Quiz

Phrasal Verbs (1)

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs (in the correct form). There is an extra verb.

drag on     drop off    go off     join in     run into     set off     squeeze in    stand for    stick around   

    1. The other day I _____   _____  a friend that I hadn’t seen since we were at university.
    2. There’s going to be a lot of traffic tomorrow so we should _____   _____ early.
    3. Ella asked the taxi driver to _____  her  _____ on the corner of King Street.
    4. Although I didn’t have an appointment the dentist was able to _____  me _____.
    5. I was late for work because my alarm clock didn’t _____   _____ and I missed my train.
    6. Sorry I’m so late – the meeting _____  _____ for ages!
    7. We didn’t go straight home after school – we _____  _____ to play football.
    8. At the party Doug didn’t want to _____  _____ with the dancing but after a while and after a few beers he changed his mind.

      1. ran into  2. set off  3. drop/off  4. squeeze/in  5. go off  6. dragged on  7. stuck around  8. join in

      Test Your Vocabulary
      Nouns from Phrasal Verbs (1)
      Colloquial Expressions (1)
      Word Formation (1)
      Word Formation (2)



Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap.

1.  His salary is not enough – it’s ________.  SUFFICE

2.  The first half of the match was pretty boring in ________ with the second. COMPARE

3.   Meditation has been ________ proven to reduce stress.  SCIENCE


  1. insufficient  2. comparison  3. scientifically
Grammar Exercises

Advanced Question Tags (1)

Add suitable question tags.

1.  Everybody’s ready to go, __________?

2.  Let’s be reasonable, __________?

3.  There’s no place like home, __________?

4.  Alan never took his work seriously, __________?

5.  Patricia hardly said a word, __________?

6.  Nobody has seen my wallet, __________?

7.  Everyone has secrets, __________?

8.  That’s such a shame, __________?

9.  Nothing surprises you anymore, __________?

10. Nearly everyone came to the meeting, __________?


  1. aren’t they  2. shall we  3. is there  4. did he  5. did she  6. have they  7. don’t they  8. isn’t it  9. does it  10.  didn’t they