Vocabulary Quiz

Confusing Words (1)

Choose the correct word.

  1. Paulina is going on a business travel/trip next week.
  2. You need to hurry or you’ll lose/miss your train.
  3. Could you possibly borrow/lend me fifty pounds?
  4. Don’t shout at me! I didn’t do/make anything wrong!
  5. At the airport they usually check/control your passport several times.
  6. Frank said/told me that he would come to the meeting.
  7. It’s really hot today in the garden so let’s sit in the shade/shadow.
  8. I never read the critics/reviews of films I’m going to see.
  9. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and hearing/listening all your news.
  10. Do you know that guy sitting beside/besides the window?


  1. trip  2. miss  3. lend  4. do  5. check  6. told  7. shade  8. reviews  9. hearing  10. beside

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