Grammar Exercises

Verb Patterns (2): Gerund or Infinitive? (Remember / Forget / Stop / Try / Need)

Add the gerund or infinitive form of the verb in brackets.

  1. We had to stay indoors all day as it wouldn’t stop  ____________ (rain).
  2. To get to the zoo from here you need ____________ (take) the number 10 bus and remember ____________ (get off) at the third stop.
  3. “Don’t forget ____________ (check) your essays before you hand them in” reminded the teacher.
  4. Virginia’s never going to forget ____________ (swim) with sharks in Hawaii. It was a such a thrill.  In fact she’s now trying ____________ (persuade) her husband to go too.
  5. “Do you know how this coffee machine works?”
    – “I’ve no idea. Have you tried ____________ (press) the green button? That might help.”
  6. Before catching the train I stopped ____________ (buy) a drink and a doughnut.
  7. Your shirt needs ____________ (iron). It’s really creased.
  8. Poor Jack! He remembers ____________ (fall) down the stairs but he doesn’t remember anything else.


    1. raining  2. to take / to get off  3. to check  4. swimming/to persuade  5. pressing  6. to buy  7. ironing  8. falling



Top Phrase #1: Are we still on for..?

Are we still on for (8.30/Saturday/next week, etc)?

Meaning: Are the plans we made to meet still in place?

Situation 1

You’ve arranged to meet your friend Andy at the pub tonight at 8.30. However, it’s been a few days since you spoke and you just want to confirm that Andy hasn’t forgotten about it, especially since it’s pouring with rain and you’d hate to go out and find that Andy’s not actually coming. So, what you do is send Andy an sms saying, “Hi Andy, are we still on for 8.30?” It’s basically a friendly reminder.

Hopefully he’ll reply with something like, “Yes, sure, see you then.”

or, “Gosh, I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me!”

Or of course, he may say “Is that tonight? Oh, I’m so sorry! I can’t. I have to work late. Can we change it to next Friday?” And if this is the case then you’ll be so glad you found out before getting soaking wet and sitting in the corner in the pub all on your own waiting for Andy!

Situation 2

Your guitar teacher has been unwell for a few days and you really don’t know if she’s better yet and you’re supposed to have a class with her on Thursday. You could email her with, “How are you? Are you feeling better? Are  we still on for Thursday or would you prefer to meet another day?


Native speakers use this expression all the time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t insinuate that your friend or teacher or whoever is forgetful or any such thing! So add it to your list of essential phrases, and start using it today!









Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap.

1.  I don’t know Bill very well. He’s just a business ________.  ACQUAINT

2.  I wish they would stop arguing. It’s driving me ________!  SANE

3.  Carol is usually very ________ but today for some reason she was very quiet.  CHAT



  1. acquaintance  2. insane  3. chatty


Idiom 3:  I COULD MURDER…. (…a coffee, some chocolate, etc)!

Meaning:  No, don’t worry this expression has nothing to do with committing a dreadful crime! In fact it means I would absolutely love to have a coffee, some chocolate, etc, right now.  [British; informal]

Example: Brrr! It’s freezing! Let’s go and find a nice cosy café. I could murder a hot chocolate!





Meaning: in good health again; perfectly fine

Most typically this phrase is used to refer to health. We often use it to reassure people.


You look absolutely exhausted. Why don’t you go to bed early and I’m sure by the morning you’ll be as right as rain.

Stop worrying about your interview. With your skills and experience you’ll be right as rain, you’ll see.


Grammar Exercises

Verbs + Prepositions (1)

Grammar Exercise FB Cover

Write in the correct preposition. Sometimes no preposition is needed (-) !

  1. I thanked Max __________ helping me to plan my trip to Moscow.
  2. The student was so sleepy that he found it hard to concentrate __________ his homework.
  3. What do you think __________  Jennifer Aniston? Do you think she’s a good actress?
  4. Stanley apologized __________ his wife __________ his grumpiness.
  5. The police blame arsonists __________ starting the fire which destroyed several homes.
  6. Andrea prefers Charles Dickens __________ Shakespeare.
  7. A: Have you heard __________ Dylan recently?  B: Yes, he sent me an email a few days ago.
  8. Liam really objects __________ people smoking in lifts.
  9. Don’t rely __________ getting to the office by nine o’clock. The traffic is very heavy.
  10. Children often argue __________ their siblings.


  1. for
  2. on
  3. of
  4. to; for
  5. for
  6. to
  7. from
  8. to
  9. on
  10. with