CT Quiz 341

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps) The answer is at the bottom of the page. a hard _____; to talk through your _____; to knock sth into a cocked _____; Answer: hat

Top Phrase #1: Are we still on for..?

Are we still on for (8.30/Saturday/next week, etc)? Meaning: Are the plans we made to meet still in place? Situation 1 You’ve arranged to meet your friend Andy at the pub tonight at 8.30. However, it’s been a few days since you spoke and you just want to confirm that Andy hasn’t forgotten about it, especially…

CT Quiz 340

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). The answer is at the bottom of the page. like a moth to a _____; to go up in _____s; an old _____; Answer: flame


Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap. 1.  I don’t know Bill very well. He’s just a business ________.  ACQUAINT 2.  I wish they would stop arguing. It’s driving me ________!  SANE 3.  Carol is usually very ________ but today for some reason she was very quiet.  CHAT   Answers acquaintance…

CT Quiz 339

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). The answer is at the bottom of the page. to be like a ___ with two tails; love me, love my ___; to teach an old ___ new tricks; Answer: dog

CT Quiz 338

What’s the missing word? Answer at the bottom of the page. a _____ to cry on; you shouldn’t drive on the hard _____; He broke his _____ blade; Answer: shoulder


Idiom 3:  I COULD MURDER…. (…a coffee, some chocolate, etc)! Meaning:  No, don’t worry this expression has nothing to do with committing a dreadful crime! In fact it means I would absolutely love to have a coffee, some chocolate, etc, right now.  [British; informal] Example: Brrr! It’s freezing! Let’s go and find a nice cosy…


Idiom 5: (AS) RIGHT AS RAIN Meaning: in good health again; perfectly fine Most typically this phrase is used to refer to health. We often use it to reassure people. Examples: You look absolutely exhausted. Why don’t you go to bed early and I’m sure by the morning you’ll be as right as rain. Stop…

CT Quiz 337

What’s the missing word? the _____’s share; the _____’s den; a sea _____; _____-hearted; Answer: lion

CT Quiz 336

What’s the missing word? to get into hot _____; to take to something like a duck to _____; a sparkling _____; Answer: water

Verbs + Prepositions (1)

Write in the correct preposition. Sometimes no preposition is needed (-) ! I thanked Max __________ helping me to plan my trip to Moscow. The student was so sleepy that he found it hard to concentrate __________ his homework. What do you think __________  Jennifer Aniston? Do you think she’s a good actress? Stanley apologized…