Grammar Exercises

Verbs + Prepositions (1)

Write in the correct preposition. Sometimes no preposition is needed (-) !

  1. I thanked Max __________ helping me to plan my trip to Moscow.
  2. The student was so sleepy that he found it hard to concentrate __________ his homework.
  3. What do you think __________  Jennifer Aniston? Do you think she’s a good actress?
  4. Stanley apologized __________ his wife __________ his grumpiness.
  5. The police blame arsonists __________ starting the fire which destroyed several homes.
  6. Andrea prefers Charles Dickens __________ Shakespeare.
  7. A: Have you heard __________ Dylan recently?  B: Yes, he sent me an email a few days ago.
  8. Liam really objects __________ people smoking in lifts.
  9. Don’t rely __________ getting to the office by nine o’clock. The traffic is very heavy.
  10. Children often argue __________ their siblings.


  1. for
  2. on
  3. of
  4. to; for
  5. for
  6. to
  7. from
  8. to
  9. on
  10. with

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