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Top Phrase (1): Are We Still On For..?

ARE WE STILL ON FOR … (8.30 / Saturday / next week, etc)?

Meaning: Are the plans we made to meet still in place?

How to Use This Phrase

Situation 1

You’ve arranged to meet your friend Andy at the pub tonight at 8.30. However, it’s been a few days since you spoke and you just want to confirm that Andy hasn’t forgotten about it, especially since it’s pouring with rain and you’d hate to go out and find that Andy’s not actually coming. So, what you do is send Andy a text message saying, “Hi Andy, are we still on for 8.30?” It’s basically a friendly reminder.

Hopefully he’ll reply with something like, “Yes, sure, see you then.”

or, “Gosh, I almost forgot! Thanks for reminding me!”

Or of course, he may say “Is that tonight? Oh, I’m so sorry! I can’t. I have to work late. Can we change it to next Friday?” And if this is the case then you’ll be so glad you found out before getting soaking wet and sitting in the corner in the pub all on your own waiting for Andy!

Situation 2

Your guitar teacher has been unwell for a few days and you really don’t know if she’s better yet and you’re supposed to have a class with her on Thursday. You could email her with, “How are you? Are you feeling better? Are  we still on for Thursday or would you prefer to meet another day?

Native speakers use this expression all the time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t insinuate that your friend or teacher or whoever is forgetful or any such thing! You simply want to confirm that the plan is still in place. So add it to your list of essential phrases, and start using it today!

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