Grammar Exercises

Verb Patterns (2): Gerund or Infinitive? (Remember / Forget / Stop / Try / Need)

Add the gerund or infinitive form of the verb in brackets.

  1. We had to stay indoors all day as it wouldn’t stop  ____________ (rain).
  2. To get to the zoo from here you need ____________ (take) the number 10 bus and remember ____________ (get off) at the third stop.
  3. “Don’t forget ____________ (check) your essays before you hand them in” reminded the teacher.
  4. Virginia’s never going to forget ____________ (swim) with sharks in Hawaii. It was a such a thrill.  In fact she’s now trying ____________ (persuade) her husband to go too.
  5. “Do you know how this coffee machine works?”
    – “I’ve no idea. Have you tried ____________ (press) the green button? That might help.”
  6. Before catching the train I stopped ____________ (buy) a drink and a doughnut.
  7. Your shirt needs ____________ (iron). It’s really creased.
  8. Poor Jack! He remembers ____________ (fall) down the stairs but he doesn’t remember anything else.


    1. raining  2. to take / to get off  3. to check  4. swimming/to persuade  5. pressing  6. to buy  7. ironing  8. falling

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