For, since, ago

Fill the gaps with either for, since, or ago.

  1. Sam and Emma have known each other _____ secondary school.
  2. I went to Costa Rica almost ten years _____.
  3. Where have you been? I’ve waiting for you _____ over an hour!
  4. I haven’t been feeling very well _____ I ate that chicken two days _____.
  5. How long _____ did it happen?
  6. Monica has been driving _____ she was eighteen.
  7. We’ve had this problem ____ quite a long time.
  8. They’ve been living there _____ 2011.
  9. We’re hoping to go to Tuscany _____ the summer.
  10. It was a wonderful experience. We’ll remember it _____ the rest of our lives.
  11. Long _____ there was a beautiful princess called Lily.
  12. It’s been snowing almost non-stop  _____ last night.

    1. since  2. ago  3. for  4. since; ago  5. ago  6. since  7. for  8. since
    9. for  10. for  11. ago  12. since

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