Learning Tip: Pick up a pen!

Don’t forget to practise your English through writing too.

Look for an interesting picture or photo and spend just 10 minutes trying to describe it. You may need to use a dictionary to help you with some of the vocabulary but that’s perfectly fine. 

If you have more time perhaps invent a little story around what you see.

Don’t worry too much about using impeccable grammar for this activity and that you have nobody native to correct it for you, the idea is to enjoy words and being creative! 

By doing this two or three times a week, you will reinforce words you know and you will activate a broader, richer English vocabulary. 

Here are some photos to help get you started….








People are always tweeting stunning or thought-provoking pictures on Twitter. You can of course also look in magazines or the newspaper for ideas. I recommend putting all your writings into a little notebook, so you can look at them now and again and see your progress.




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