Grammar Exercises

The Conditionals #2 (Third Conditional)

Put the sentences into the third conditional

eg. If we had tried harder, we would have won the match.

  1. If I ______________________ (know) it was your birthday I ______________________ (buy) you a drink.
  2. If Sandra ______________________ (apologise) sooner, John ______________________ (forgive) her.
  3. Paul ______________________ (come) on the sailing holiday with us if he ______________________ (not / break) his leg.
  4. If you ______________________ (not / say) it was Lucy in the photo, I never ______________________ (guess) it was her.  She looks so different now.
  5. If you ______________________ (tell) me you needed money, I  ______________________ (can / lend) you some.
  6. We ______________________ (not / miss) the bus if we ______________________ (leave) a little bit earlier.
  7. It was bitterly cold. If I ______________________ (bring) my hat and gloves, I ______________________ (wear) them.
  8. If Isabel ______________________ (not / oversleep), she ______________________ (not / be) late for school.
  9. Mum ______________________ (let) us stay up late to watch the match, if we ______________________ (not / have) school the next day.
  10. If you ______________________ (keep) the receipt, you ______________________ (can / take) the coat back to the shop.


    1. had known / would have bought
    2. had apologised / would have forgiven
    3. would have come / hadn’t broken
    4. hadn’t said / would have guessed
    5. had told / could have lent
    6. wouldn’t have missed / had left
    7. had brought / would have worn
    8. hadn’t overslept / wouldn’t have been
    9. would have let / hadn’t had
    10. had kept / could have taken

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