Grammar Exercises

Indirect Questions (1)


✰  Where’s the nearest beach? ➔ Could you tell me where the nearest beach is?

✰  What did Paul study at university? ➔ I’m not sure what Paul studied at university.

✰  Did Emily pass her exam? ➔ Do you know  if Emily passed her exam?


Make a new sentence using the question in brackets, and the starting prompt. The first is done for you.

  1. (What’s the time?)
    Could you tell me ____________________?
    Could you tell me what the time is?
  2. (How does it work?)
    Could you show me____________________?
  3. (Why did Lucia leave?)
    I wonder why ____________________.
  4. (How much does Pablo charge for his classes?)
    Do you have any idea ____________________?
  5. (What did she say?)
    Can you tell me____________________?
  6. (Where are my shoes?
    Do you know ____________________?
  7. (When is George’s interview?)
    I don’t know____________________.
  8. (Is there a café round here?)
    Do you know____________________?
  9. (How long have they known each other?)
    I’m not sure____________________..
  10. (What do you mean?)
    Can you explain____________________?
  11. (Did Tracey get the job?)
    Do you happen to know____________________?

1. –
2. Could you show me how it works?
3. I wonder why Lucia left.
4. Do you have any idea how much Pablo charges for his classes?
5. Can you tell me what she said?
6. Do you know where my shoes are?
7. I don’t know when George’s interview is.
8. Do you know if there is a café round here?
9. I’m not sure how long they have known each other.
10. Can you explain what you mean?
11. Do you happen to know if Tracey got the job?

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