Bored or Boring? Adjectives ending in -ing/-ed

Add -ed or -ing.

  1. It was an absolutely thrill_____ basketball match.
  2. Max finds his new job very reward_____.
  3. Juliet was very disappoint_____ that she couldn’t go on the trip.
  4. The journey was very tir_____. We were all exhaust_____ when we arrived.
  5. Angelique is very interest_____ in buying the house.
  6. The speech was ridiculously long. Everybody was bor_____ to tears.
  7. He has a very annoy_____ habit.
  8. I will be very surpris_____ if Matt gets the job.
  9. Are you frighten_____ of spiders?
  10. Stop talking about your job! You’re being very bor_____.
  11. I’m a bit conf_____. I’m going to ask the teacher to explain it again.
  12. I would love to visit India one day. It looks fascinat_____.
  13. They are going to adopt a dog. The children are so excit_____ about it.
  14. There was nothing to do on the island so we were terribly bor_____.


    1. thrilling
    2. rewarding
    3. disappointed
    4. tiring/exhausted
    5. interested
    6. bored
    7. annoying
    8. surprised
    9. frightened
    10. boring
    11. confused
    12. fascinating
    13. excited
    14. bored

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