Expressions with ‘Give’

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.  

  1. You don’t need to take a taxi to the airport. I can give you a _____. (lift, raise, shout)
  2. I’m not sure I’d be very good at salsa dancing but I’d like to give it a _____. (miss, shout, whirl)
  3. Belinda’s going to give her boyfriend the _____ . She’s fed up with him flirting with everybody. (boot, coat, shoe)
  4. “Are you coming with us to the cinema tonight?
    – “Sorry but I’m going to give it a _____. I’m very tired.”  (break, miss, whirl)
  5. I think Rachel’s upset with me. She’s been giving me the cold _____ all day. (arm, neck, shoulder)
  6. I’d give my right _____ to go back to Costa Rica. We had a wonderful holiday there.(arm, eye, leg)
  7. When I find out what time the party starts I’ll give you a _____. (bell, drum, flute)
  8. My back’s been giving me _____ all day. I’m going to go and lie down.  (boot, hell, troubles)


1. lift
2. whirl
3. boot
4. miss
5. shoulder
6. arm
7. bell
8. hell

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