Confusing Words (2)

Select the correct word

1. I’ve eaten so much that I don’t think I have room for desert/dessert.
2. If you’re not doing/making anything at the moment, could you help me in the kitchen?
3. Who beat/won the match last night?
4. Liverpool beat/won Newcastle 2-0.
5. Remember/Remind me to buy some batteries, will you?
6. JK Rowling is world famous for her Harry Potter histories/stories.
7. I don’t think Derek’s jokes are very fun/funny.
8. The dinner party was fun/funny. The food was great and the people were really nice.
9. I know a few/little German so maybe I can help you with your homework.
10. Charlie is a fabulous cook/cooker. Have you proved/tried his muscles/mussels in champagne sauce?

1. dessert
2. doing
3. won
4. beat
5. Remind
6. stories
7. funny
8. fun
9. little
10. cook; tried; mussels


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