Grammar Exercises

Present simple or present continuous?

Grammar Practice: The present simple vs. the present continuous

Complete the sentences using the present simple or the present continuous form of the verb in brackets.

  1. Can I borrow your scissors or ______________ them at the moment? (you / use)
  2. The milk ______________ a bit funny. I think it’s off. (taste)
  3. I usually ______________ the train to work but this week I ______________ .  (take) ; (drive)
  4. Hurry up! Everybody ______________  for you. (wait)
  5. I ______________ milk chocolate to dark chocolate. What about you? (prefer)
  6. The company ______________ bonuses this year because of the recession. (not / pay)
  7. “What ______________ ?” (you/do)
    – “I’m an engineer.”
  8. “What ______________?” (you/do)
    – “I ______________ to fix your computer. (try)
  9. What ______________ ? (you/cook) It ______________ delicious! (smell)
  10. It ______________ here very often. (not / rain)
  11. Gabriella always ______________ at the Four Seasons Hotel when she visits the city.  (stay)
  12. I ______________ at my sister’s place until I find a flat.  (stay)

    1. are you using
    2. tastes
    3. take; ‘m driving
    4. ‘s waiting
    5. prefer
    6. isn’t paying
    7. do you do
    8. are you doing; ‘m trying
    9. are you cooking; smells
    10. doesn’t rain
    11. stays
    12. ‘m staying


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