Grammar Exercises

Time Prepositions #2 (at, in, on, for, since)


Fill the gap with ‘at’, ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘for‘ or ‘since‘.

  1. They’ve been living in Moscow _____ a few months.
  2. In the tourist areas many of the shops are open _____ Sundays.
  3. Elizabeth is on holiday _____ the moment.
  4. Everybody must get to work _____ time.
  5. Sofia is expecting a baby _____ the summer.
  6. _____ his spare time Michael writes short stories.
  7. I haven’t seen Nicole _____ last summer.
  8. We reached the airport just _____ time to catch our flight.
  9. Your birthday is _____ the same day as mine!
  10. Our exams start _____ two weeks’ time.
  11. Stewart is doing the night shift tonight. He starts _____ ten and finishes _____ six.
  12. Please phone Mum if you’re not going to be home _____ time for dinner.
  13. Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you _____ ages!
  14. Drew Barrymore has been acting _____ she was little.
  15. Gabrielle met her husband on holiday in Italy. _____ the time they were only sixteen.


    1. for
    2. on
    3. at
    4. on
    5. in
    6. in
    7. since
    8. in
    9. on
    10. in
    11. at, at
    12. in
    13. for
    14. since
    15. at

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