Vocabulary Quiz

Expressions with Take (1)

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.  

  1. “I just can’t get the lid of this jar. It seems to be stuck.” – “Here, let me take a _____ at it.” (stab, stand, steal)
  2. “Do you want to join us for a coffee?” – “Sorry, I’ll have to take a _____ check.  Maybe tomorrow?”  (moon, rain, sun)
  3. I think Enrique has taken a _____ to Megan. He can’t take his eyes off her.  (fancy, heart, like)
  4. “Come to the cinema with us. It’ll take your _____ off your problems for a while.” (brain, head, mind)
  5. Richard exaggerates quite a bit so I’d take what he says with a _____ of salt, if I were you. (pinch, spoon, taste)
  6. In the end Michael decided to take the _____ and move to Australia. (biscuit, plunge, sky)
  7. Are you peckish? There’s chocolate cake, doughnuts, banana nut muffins… Take your _____. (choosing, election, pick)



1. stab
2. rain
3. fancy
4. mind
5. pinch
6. plunge
7. pick


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