Grammar Exercises

Have something done (1)

Have + sth + past participle 

We use this structure when we want to say that we ask or pay somebody to do something for us. They perform this action on our behalf, often because we don’t possess the necessary skills.

Add the correct form of have + the past participle of the verb in brackets.

  1. I need to _____ a spare house key _____ for my sister.  (make)
  2. “Where’s Antonia?” – “She’s _____ her hair _____.”  (do)
  3. “Are you sure you can see properly? Maybe you should _____ your eyes _____.” (check)
  4. They are going to ____ a burglar alarm _____ tomorrow.  (install)
  5. We didn’t feel like cooking so we _____ a pizza _____. (deliver)
  6. We’re _____ our roof _____ at the moment. (repair)
  7. When was the last time you _____ your car _____? (service)
  8. Billy _____ his tonsils _____ out last Thursday. (take out)
  9. Joanna’s mother says that she can _____ her ears _____ but she absolutely can not _____ a tattoo _____! (pierce; do)
  10. Bryan  _____ his appendix _____ when he was ten. (remove)
  11. Jeff can afford to  _____ all his shirts _____ every week.  (iron)
  12. Rachel is not looking forward to _____ her legs _____ tomorrow. (wax)


1. have…made
2. having…done
3. have…checked
4. have…installed
5. had…delivered
6. having…repaired
7. had…serviced
8. had…taken out
9. have…pierced; have…done
10. had…removed
11. to have…ironed
12. having…waxed

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