Vocabulary Quiz

Expressions with Take (1)

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.  

  1. “I just can’t get the lid of this jar. It seems to be stuck.” – “Here, let me take a _____ at it.” (stab, stand, steal)
  2. “Do you want to join us for a coffee?” – “Sorry, I’ll have to take a _____ check.  Maybe tomorrow?”  (moon, rain, sun)
  3. I think Enrique has taken a _____ to Megan. He can’t take his eyes off her.  (fancy, heart, like)
  4. “Come to the cinema with us. It’ll take your _____ off your problems for a while.” (brain, head, mind)
  5. Richard exaggerates quite a bit so I’d take what he says with a _____ of salt, if I were you. (pinch, spoon, taste)
  6. In the end Michael decided to take the _____ and move to Australia. (biscuit, plunge, sky)
  7. Are you peckish? There’s chocolate cake, doughnuts, banana nut muffins… Take your _____. (choosing, election, pick)



1. stab
2. rain
3. fancy
4. mind
5. pinch
6. plunge
7. pick


Grammar Exercises

Spot the Mistakes (23)

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect? Correct the mistakes.

  1. Stephanie’s always late for work. I’m surprised the boss never says anything.
  2. “Do you fancy coming to the cinema with us?” – “Sure, I’d love.”
  3. I was really tired even though I had slept well the night before.
  4. You must try this cake. You’ll love.
  5. Make sure you read the questions carefully before answer.
  6. It’s a three miles walk to the nearest beach.
  7. James is so busy he hardly has time to eat.

1. ✅
2. “Do you fancy coming to the cinema with us?” – “Sure, I’d love to.”
3. ✅
4. You must try this cake. You’ll love it.
5. Make sure you read the questions carefully before answering (or: before you answer)
6. It’s a three-mile walk to the nearest beach.
7. ✅



Top Phrase #5: Your best bet


We use this expression to suggest the best course of action in a certain situation.

There’s an awful lot of traffic today so your best bet is to take the Underground.

If you want to have a nice meal in the city your best bet is to stay away from the really touristy parts where prices can be exorbitant and the food mediocre.

“I’ve been having terrible problems with my computer. Can you help me?”
– “Oh, I’m rubbish with computers. Speak to Jake – he’s your best bet. He’s great with computers.”


CT Quiz 422

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps)

to bring somebody out of their _____;


in a nut_____;

to _____ out for something;

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