Spot the Mistakes (29)

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect? Correct the mistakes.

  1. I’m exhausted. I don’t use to go to bed so late.
  2. “What does your sister looks like?” – “She’s tall and she’s long brown curly hair.”
  3. Bob can’t afford to have his bike repaired.
  4. After it will finish, we’ll go for lunch.
  5. Adam doesn’t like the city because is too big and noisy.
  6. You needn’t buy any aspirins – I have some.
  7. You should have done your homework before going to the park.


    1. I’m exhausted. I don’t usually go to bed so late.
    2. “What does your sister look like?” – “She’s tall and she has long brown curly hair.” (or: she’s got)
    3. ✅
    4. After it finishes, we’ll go for lunch.
    5. Adam doesn’t like the city because it’s too big and noisy.
    6. ✅
    7. ✅

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