Stretch your Vocabulary (1): Talking about Likes

Here’s my first instalment of ‘Stretch Your Vocabulary’ where I’ll give you heaps of handy phrases to use in everyday situations.

Language learners often use the same basic phrases over and over again. It’s important, however, to vary what you say and write.

Make sure you use these key phrases as much as possible, in order for them to become second nature (=automatic).

As a result your English will become much richer and less repetitive, and you’ll feel more confident about your language skills.

And another incentive, it may just help you to impress the right person at the right time (your boss or a future employer, an examiner..)

I like …..

I really like ….

I like …. very much

I love ….

I really love ….

I love …. very much

I’m fond of ….

I adore ….

I’m crazy/mad about ….

I’m keen on ….

I’m a big/huge/great fan of ….



  1. Copy the phrases and paste them into a Word document (or something similar)
  2. Add your answers
  3. Do a screenshot
  4. Tweet it to me, or you can post it below. 


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