There are plenty of ways to say that you don’t like something in English. When you listen to native speakers listen out for these expressions. You’ll notice that they don’t always express dislike in the same way. To make these phrases automatic use them as often as you can. You can begin with the assignment at the bottom of the page 😉

I don’t like ….

I don’t really like … (*)

I don’t like …. very much. (*)

I don’t like …. at all.

I dislike ….

…. is not (really) my cup of tea (*)

I can’t stand ….

I’m not very keen on …. (*)

I’m not a big/huge/great fan of …. (*)

I can’t bear ….

I can’t stand ….

I hate ….

I detest ….

I loathe ….

Note 1: Use the (*) phrases when you want to say you don’t like something but you want to say it gently or tactfully, perhaps because you don’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings.

“Would you like to come to the One Direction concert with us?” – “Thanks, but actually I’m not a big fan.”

“Come on, have another slice of cake.” – “It was lovely thanks, but to be honest, I’m not very keen on walnuts.”

Note 2: To be more emphatic or dramatic people often add ‘really’.

“I really can’t stand my new boss. I hate going to work now.”

“I really detest that programme. And it’s on every single day!”

But be careful where you add the ‘really’: “I really don’t like …” is NOT the same as “I don’t really like …”

“I really don’t like celery” = I have a very strong dislike for celery.

“I don’t really like  celery” = I dislike celery.


  1. Copy the phrases and paste them into a Word document (or something similar)
  2. Add your answers
  3. Do a screenshot
  4. Tweet it to me at @EnglishSmarts, or you can post it below. 









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