Grammar, Vocabulary Quiz

Confusing Words (3): Say or Tell?

Add ‘say’ or ‘tell’ in the correct form.

1.  Paul didn’t _____ what time he would be coming.

2.  I’m not really convinced that she’s _____ the truth.

3.  Why didn’t you _____ that before?

4.  The doctor _____ me not to worry, that it was nothing serious.

5.  I know you didn’t mean to do it but you should _____ sorry anyway.

6.  What was Robert _____ to you earlier? He looked quite annoyed.

7.  Karl _____ us that the meeting was cancelled.

8.  Mary is so bossy. She’s always _____ everybody what to do.

9. Don’t _____ a word about this to anybody.

10. “I’ll ring you as soon as I get home,” she _____.

11. “Sorry, but I can’t ___ anything.”

12. “Sorry, but I can’t _____ you anything.”


1. say
2. telling
3. say
4. told
5. say
6. saying
7. told
8. telling
9. say
10. said
11. say
12. tell

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