Grammar Exercises

Adjectives + Prepositions (2)

Choose the correct preposition in brackets.

1.  Tom’s very keen _____ sailing.  (in, of, on)

2.  The children are busy _____ their homework. (at, in, with)

3.  Bryan is frightened _____ clowns. (about, of, with)

4.  Sugar is bad _____ your teeth.  (for, of, with)

5.  I’m quite bad _____ maths.  (about, at, of)

6.  You got the job? That’s wonderful! I’m so proud _____ you! (about, of, with)

7.  I don’t think that dress is suitable _____ your sister’s wedding.  (for, of, to)

8.  The children are excited ____ going on holiday.  (about, for, to)

9.  Charlie is married _____ Lisa.  (of, to, with)

10.  Amanda is very interested _____ buying a house in Tuscany. (in, on, to)

11.  Jam is packed _____ calories (about, of, with) as it’s full _____ sugar.  (in, of, with)

12. Alessandro is responsible _____ the rock band’s social media accounts. (at, for, of) 

pb - jan 2019 - cherries


1. on

2. with

3. of

4. for

5. at

6. of

7. for

8. about

9. to

10. in

11. with; of

12. for

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