Stretch your Vocabulary (3): Ways to say you’re feeling happy

Here are some alternatives to “I’m happy” and “I’m very happy”, followed by examples. Start using these phrases as regularly as you can, in conversation, in emails, on Twitter, on Facebook. By doing this the expressions will become a permanent fixture in your ‘English’ brain! It’s also very helpful to write your own examples in a notebook.

I’m (so/really/very) glad

I’m (so/really/very) pleased

I’m delighted

I’m thrilled

I’m thrilled to bits

I’m over the moon

I’m ecstatic

I couldn’t be happier

I’m tickled pink



I’m glad I changed my glasses. I can see much better now.

I’m so glad you called. It’s been lovely catching up with you.

I’m really pleased with the dress I bought online. It fits perfectly.

I’m so pleased I’m going to London soon. I really miss it.

“Are you glad you got the job?” – “I couldn’t be happier. I tell you, it’s perfect for me.”

“I’m thrilled we don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m going to have a nice long lie-in.”

“I hear your sister’s coming to visit.” – “Yes, I’m thrilled to bits.”

“I bet you’re happy Man City won the League.”- “Yeah, I’m ecstatic!”

“I’m over the moon I got my computer fixed so quickly. What a relief!”

“I’m so pleased you found your dog!” – “I’m absolutely thrilled!  I was ever so worried.”

“Congratulations on winning your Oscar!” – “Thanks, I’m tickled pink.”








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