Modals (1): Mustn’t / Don’t have to

Write mustn’t’, ‘doesn’t have to’, ordon’t have to’ in the gaps. I’ll post the answers tomorrow 😉

1.  Dylan is allergic to strawberries. He ____________ eat them.

2.  We ____________ win this match as we’ve already won the league.

3.  Julia ____________ come shopping with us. She can stay at home if she wants.

4.  The app is free. You ____________ pay for it

5.   You ____________ be late for work again or the boss will fire you.

6.  Maria ____________ give me the money today. She can pay me tomorrow.

7.   You ____________ sit so close to the television. It’s bad for your eyes.

8.  Children under three have free admission to the zoo.  They  ____________ pay.

9.  Thanks but your mum ____________ drive us to the airport. John’s taking us.

10. I ____________ forget to phone Betty later. It’s her birthday.


1. mustn’t
2. don’t have to
3. doesn’t have to
4. don’t have to
5. mustn’t
6. doesn’t have to
7. mustn’t
8. don’t have to
9. doesn’t have to
10. mustn’t


Advanced Question Tags (2)

Complete with a suitable question tag.

  1. Phew! That’s a relief, __________?
  2. Hey! Somebody has been using my computer, __________?
  3. We seldom eat out nowadays, __________?
  4. I’m such a fool, __________?
  5. Everyone likes Italian food, __________?
  6. Don’t watch too much TV, __________?
  7. Nobody was expecting her to win, __________?
  8. This is ridiculous, __________?
  9. There’s no point carrying on, __________?
  10. He barely speaks English, __________?
  11. That was a stupid thing to do, __________?
  12. Clean this mess up right now, __________?
  13. You’ve never liked her boyfriend, __________?
  14. Hi! Lovely day, __________?


    1. isn’t it
    2. haven’t they
    3. do we
    4. aren’t I
    5. don’t they
    6. will you
    7. were they
    8. isn’t it
    9. is there
    10. does he
    11. wasn’t it
    12. will you
    13. have you
    14. isn’t it


BEAR IN MIND (2): Impressed or Shocked?

Remember!:Impress‘, ‘impressed‘ and ‘impressive‘  are ONLY used positively. They express admiration. We don’t use them to talk about feeling shocked, offended, etc.

Have a look at the following examples:

Many people were horrified at the president’s comments =

➡️ The president’s comments impressed many people.  ❌

➡️ The president’s comments shocked many people.   ✔️

At the restaurant we had to wait for over an hour for our food and the waiters were so rude!

➡️ The service was absolutely impressive.  ❌

➡️ The service was absolutely awful / dreadful / terrible.  ✔️

So, use impress/impressed/impressive like this:

Julia impressed the judges with her outstanding culinary skills. (=Julia made them feel admiration)

I was impressed by how David handled such a delicate situation. He’s very tactful.

Karen’s CV was so impressive they hired her immediately.


Complete the sentences in a way that’s true for you.

  1. I think that __________ has been the most impressive footballer so far this season.
  2. One of my friends really impressed me recently when he/she __________.
  3. One of the most impressive buildings in my country is __________.
  4. I wasn’t impressed yesterday when __________.
  5. My boss / wife / boyfriend (etc) was impressed when I __________.

If you like you can add your answers in the comment section below. 


CT Quiz 500: Win a conversation class!

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What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps).  The answer is at the bottom of the page.

to ___ like a top;

a ___ing tablet;

let ___ing dogs lie;

Answer: sleep