Grammar Exercises

Past Simple (1)

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple. 

  1.  Amelie ____________ (bring) some delicious biscuits to work. We ____________ (eat) them in no time at all!
  2. The school ____________ (hold) a parents’ meeting last night.  ____________ (you / go)?
  3. The meal ____________ (smell) and ____________ (taste) wonderful and it only ____________ (cost) ten Euros.
  4. Natasha always ____________ (keep) a photo of her beloved grandmother in her purse.
  5. The phone ____________ (ring) several times before Mateo ____________ (answer).
  6. Kerry ____________ (fall) and  ____________ (hurt) her leg so she ____________ (go) to see her doctor.
  7. Adam ____________ (drive) to London and then ____________ (take) a plane from Gatwick to Milan.
  8. Tim ____________ (get) an invitation to the party but he ____________ (choose) not to go.
  9. “____________ (Carol / teach) French?”  – “No, she ____________ (teach) German.”
  10. We ____________ (sit) for hours in the café, doing our homework.
  11. Charlotte ____________ (dress up) as a witch for the carnival parade while her brother ____________ (wear) a hobbit costume.
  12. I ____________ (not / feel like) going shopping. I ____________ (feel like) going to
    the cinema instead.

Full list of grammar exercises


1. brought; ate
2. held; Did you go?
3. smelled / smelt; tasted; cost
4. kept
5. rang; answered
6. fell; hurt; went
7. drove; took
8. got; chose
9. Did Carol teach; taught
10. sat
11. dressed up; wore
12. didn’t feel like; I felt like

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