Grammar Exercises

Past Simple (2): Regular and Irregular Verbs

Put the verbs in brackets into the past simple. 

  1. “Where ____________ (Nicole Kidman /be born)?”
    – “In Hawaii, apparently. She ____________ (grow up) in Australia however.”
  2. Last night I ____________ (watch) a whole film in English and I’m really pleased because I ____________ (understand) most of the story! And there ____________ (be) no subtitles, honest!
  3. Andy ____________ (spend) the entire afternoon playing computer games.
  4. “____________ (who / win) the match yesterday?” – “Nobody! They ____________ (draw) two-all.”
  5. We were in the middle of watching a scary film when suddenly a picture ____________ (fall off) the wall. It ____________ (give) us such a fright!
  6. I ____________ (hear) you’re getting married. Congratulations!
  7. The dog ____________ (be) so frightened of the thunder that he ____________ (hide) behind the sofa.
  8. Have you finished with that book I ____________ (lend) you? I need it back.
  9. We ____________ (be) so exhausted that we ____________ (sleep) for almost twelve hours.
  10. Sofia ____________ (feel) unwell so she  ____________ (decide) to go to bed early.
  11. It ____________ (take) over an hour to get to work because of the heavy traffic.
  12. I ____________ (enjoy) this book so much. You should read it.
  13. She ____________ (stand) on the chair to change the light bulb.
  14. The sky ____________ (turn) a pale grey and it suddenly ____________ (become) very cold. Before long it ____________ (begin) to snow.


1. was Nicole Kidman born; grew up
2. watched; understood; were
3. spent
4. Who won; drew
5. fell off; gave
6. heard
7. was; hid
8. lent
9. were; slept
10. felt; decided
11. took
12. enjoyed
13. stood
14. turned / became / began

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