BEAR IN MIND (2): Impressed or Shocked?

Remember!:Impress‘, ‘impressed‘ and ‘impressive‘  are ONLY used positively. They express admiration. We don’t use them to talk about feeling shocked, offended, etc.

Have a look at the following examples:

Many people were horrified at the president’s comments =

➡️ The president’s comments impressed many people.  ❌

➡️ The president’s comments shocked many people.   ✔️

At the restaurant we had to wait for over an hour for our food and the waiters were so rude!

➡️ The service was absolutely impressive.  ❌

➡️ The service was absolutely awful / dreadful / terrible.  ✔️

So, use impress/impressed/impressive like this:

Julia impressed the judges with her outstanding culinary skills. (=Julia made them feel admiration)

I was impressed by how David handled such a delicate situation. He’s very tactful.

Karen’s CV was so impressive they hired her immediately.


Complete the sentences in a way that’s true for you.

  1. I think that __________ has been the most impressive footballer so far this season.
  2. One of my friends really impressed me recently when he/she __________.
  3. One of the most impressive buildings in my country is __________.
  4. I wasn’t impressed yesterday when __________.
  5. My boss / wife / boyfriend (etc) was impressed when I __________.

If you like you can add your answers in the comment section below. 

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