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Conversation Questions: Books and Reading

These conversation questions are a resource for both teachers and students. They can be used in class, or with a study buddy, or with somebody you do a language exchange with.

Tips for learners

  • In those in-between times when you can’t find somebody to practise with I recommending trying to write down your answers, or even talking out loud to yourself!
  • Ensure you make notes of useful words and phrases that you either couldn’t remember or didn’t know when you were trying to explain something. This will really help you to move forward with your English.
  • I also highly recommend going through the questions a second or third time at a later date with somebody else, as a way of revision, and you are sure to notice that you are able to explain things faster and more effectively.

Let’s talk about Books and Reading! đŸ€“đŸ“š

  1. What’s the last book you read for pleasure (ie. not for work or school)? Would you recommend it or not?
  2. What kinds of books do you usually read? – The classics? Detective novels? Historical novels? Biographies? Travel? Science-fiction? Non-Fiction?
  3. How do you choose the books you’re going to read? – Favourite authors? Recommendations from friends? Browsing in bookstores or online?
  4. Do you prefer to read paper books or digital books? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each format?
  5. What are your favourite books from your childhood? What makes them so special? Is there a certain character who stands out? If so, why?
  6. Have any books you’ve read had an important effect on your life? If so, how?
  7. Talk about one of the books you had to read at school that you really enjoyed.
  8. Talk about one of your least favourite compulsory books at school.
  9. Have you ever thought about writing a book? If so, what kind of book would it be?
  10. Where do you normally read?
  11. Do you usually read one book at a time or do you prefer to have several books on the go?
  12. Do you finish every book you start? Even if it’s quite boring?
  13. Do you ever make notes or underline things you have read so that you can return to them later?
  14. Does the cover of a book matter much to you? Is it something you notice?
  15. Do you like giving books as presents? If so, what’s the last book you gave to somebody? And why did you choose it?
  16. Have you enjoyed film versions of books you have read?
  17. What advantages can reading bring?
  18. If you could meet any famous author (alive or dead) who would you choose and why? And what two questions would you ask them?
  19. If you met somebody who was learning your native language. which books or writers would you recommend to them?
  20. Do you ever read books in English? If so, what have you read? And do you have any recommendations?


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