Joke Time (2)

An elderly man and his wife are taking a stroll along a lovely deserted beach. Suddenly the husband trips over something. A bottle. And out pops this genie. “I will grant you each one wish” the genie says.

The wife quickly makes her wish first. “I would like to go on a Caribbean cruise with my husband.”  Suddenly there’s a big purple puff of smoke and lo and behold when the smoke clears the genie is holding two tickets for a luxury Caribbean cruise!

The genie hands the tickets to the wife and then he turns to her husband and says, “Now for your wish.” The husband thinks about it for a second and then with a cheeky grin he says, “I wish I had a younger companion.” There’s another big purple puff of smoke, and lo and behold when the smoke clears the husband has aged ten years!



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