What's the Difference?

Bored or Boring? (2) Adjectives ending in -ed/-ing

Circle the correct option.

  1. John was amused/amusing at the look on my face.
  2. The party was really bored/boring. I wish I hadn’t gone.
  3. The teacher is very pleased/pleasing with her students. They have been working so hard.
  4. These photographs are absolutely stunned/stunning. Did you take them?
  5. Damian finds his job as a tattoo artist very satisfied/satisfying.
  6. I wouldn’t let the children watch this film. It’s very frightened/frightening in parts.
  7. We are annoyed/annoying that Tony hasn’t apologised.
  8. Many people have lost their jobs in the town. The situation is quite worried/worrying.


1.  amused
2. boring
3. pleased
4. stunning
5. satisfying
6. frightening
7. annoyed
8. worrying



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