Grammar Exercises

Reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, etc) / Each other (1)

Complete the sentences using either a reflexive pronoun (myself, yourself, etc) or the reciprocal pronoun ‘each other’.

  1. They really enjoyed __________ at the party. It was great fun.
  2. Karen and I did our homework together so that we could help __________.
  3. May I have some more cake?
    – “Of course, help __________.”
  4. For some reason my phone switched __________ off.
  5. Kids, please behave __________!
  6. Martin blames __________ for the accident but it really wasn’t his fault.
  7. Nobody helped me do. I did it all by __________.
  8. How long have you two known __________?


    1. themselves
    2. each other
    3. yourself
    4. itself
    5. yourselves
    6. himself
    7. myself
    8. each other

    TIP! You can also use ‘one another’ instead of ‘each other’. How long have you two known one another?


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