Reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, etc) / Each other (1)

Complete the sentences using either a reflexive pronoun (myself, yourself, etc) or the reciprocal pronoun ‘each other’.

  1. They really enjoyed __________ at the party. It was great fun.
  2. Karen and I did our homework together so that we could help __________.
  3. May I have some more cake?
    – “Of course, help __________.”
  4. For some reason my phone switched __________ off.
  5. Kids, please behave __________!
  6. Martin blames __________ for the accident but it really wasn’t his fault.
  7. Nobody helped me do. I did it all by __________.
  8. How long have you two known __________?


    1. themselves
    2. each other
    3. yourself
    4. itself
    5. yourselves
    6. himself
    7. myself
    8. each other

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