Phrasal Verbs (3)

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs (in the correct form). There are two extra verbs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 16.05.50

  1. You wouldn’t be so stressed if you didn’t __________ so much work.
  2. One of your shirt buttons is about to __________ . Be careful you don’t lose it.
  3. If we don’t leave soon, we’ll __________ missing the train.
  4. I can’t believe twenty years have __________ since I moved to Spain.
  5. It’s pouring with rain. Are you sure you want to walk to school? I can _____ you _____ there if you like.
  6. Can you _____ the noise _____ ? I’m trying to study.
  7. Vera’s bus pass finally __________. It had dropped down behind the sofa.
  8. Sean is going to ask for a pay rise as he can barely  __________ on his salary.


1. take on
2. come off
3. end up
4. gone by
5. drop off
6. keep down
7. turned up
8. get by


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