Handy Prepositional Phrases (3): For

for a change
for a start
for the moment / for the time being
for luck
for nothing
for certain / for sure
for good
for sale
for goodness sake


I’m always cooking. Why don’t you cook for a change?

I won’t get the job. For a start, I don’t have enough experience.

You can stay with us for the moment / for the time being but then you’re going to have to find your own place to live.

Diane wore her silver bracelet for luck.

Peter fixed my computer for nothing. (= no payment)

We didn’t get the contract in the end. All that hard work for nothing!

I can’t say for certain yet if I can meet you for lunch.

Take your umbrella. It’ll rain for sure today.

Jamie is going back to the States for good.

I’m afraid the house at the end of the road is no longer for sale.

For goodness sake, put your phone away! We’re having dinner!

Meerkat umbrella




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