Handy Prepositional Phrases (4): In

in advance
in all likelihood
in answer to / in reply to
in charge (of)
in comparison with
in doubt
in favour of
in jeopardy
in the long/short run; in the long/short term
in principle
in relation to
in retrospect
in short
in trouble


We will need to know in advance how many people are coming.

If you cancel the hotel room 24 hours in advance there is no charge.

In all likelihood the boss will retire in the next year.

In answer to your first question, no, the tour is not being cancelled.

I am writing in reply to your email of 10 September.

I’d like to speak to the person in charge, please.

Michael is in charge of the IT department.

In comparison with our last Maths exam, this one was really easy.

Our trip is in doubt. (= it may not happen)

He’s in favour of stricter gun control.

Fire fighters often put their lives in jeopardy.

Your hard work and dedication will pay off in the long run.

Our teacher asked us to set three goals we would like to achieve in the short term.

In principle it should work but until we try it, we won’t know for sure.

Several people have been arrested in relation to the robbery.

What’s your opinion in relation to nuclear power?

In relation to London, where is Gatwick Airport?” – “It’s south of London.”

His comments do seem strange now, in retrospect.

In short, it’s a bad idea.

In short, the article said that learning a foreign language is wonderful for your brain.

If your mother catches you smoking you’ll be in trouble.

Vocabulary Quiz

Phrasal Verbs (4)

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs (in the correct form)

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 09.08.42

  1. ASAP __________ as soon as possible.
  2. Their plane should __________ at around 7pm.
  3. I didn’t know the meaning of ‘clumsy’ so I __________ it __________.
  4. I didn’t want to watch the news so I __________.
  5. The club wanted to buy the footballer but in the end the deal __________.
  6. Shortly after we arrived at the hotel the rain __________.
  7. I really don’t feel like going to Steve’s party but I don’t know how I can __________ it.
  8. Tim and Catriona have already __________ some money for their wedding next year.


    1. stands for
    2. get in
    3. looked…up
    4. turned over
    5. fell through
    6. set in
    7. get out of
    8. put aside


Definite and Indefinite Articles (1)

Complete the sentences with ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’ or ‘–‘ ( = no article).

1. I had ___ breakfast and then I took ___ shower.
2. ___ Spain is playing ___ Netherlands in the final.
3. Jon plays tennis twice _____ week.
4. ___ Everest is ___ highest mountain in ___ world.
5. He was driving at over 80 miles ___ hour.
6. Do you have ___ boyfriend?
7. ___ money can’t buy ___ happiness.
8. ___ rich should pay more taxes.
9. Linda doesn’t like ___ football.
10. Helena is ___ engineer.



1. –; a
2. –; the
3. a
4. –; the; the
5. an
6. a
7. –;–
8. The
9. —
10. an

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