Confusing Words (5): As or Like?

Choose ‘as’ or ‘like’ to fill the gaps.

1. Walter used to work _____ a waiter at his father’s restaurant.
2. Jack’s been to some amazing places this year, _____ Argentina, India, and Borneo.
3. Did you hear that? It sounded _____ a phone ringing.
4. I think you should do _____ he asked.
5. He loves animals _____ much _____ I do.
6. She looks a little bit _____ Jennifer Lawrence, don’t you think?
7. It looks _____ if it’s going to rain.
8. Ian’s going to go to Edinburgh university _____ his sister. She studied there a few years ago.


1. as
2. like
3. like
4. as *
5. as … as
6. like
7. as
8. like

* You will hear people use ‘like’ here but many people consider it incorrect to use ‘like’ in this way, as a conjunction, so to be on the safe side use ‘as’, especially if you’re writing something formal or sitting an exam. 😉

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