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I Love Idioms! (1): Parts of the Body

Lion teeth

Well, here’s the first exercise in my “I Love Idioms!” section. As you may have already guessed I have a passion for idiomatic expressions.

Though it can sometimes be tricky for non-native speakers to use idioms correctly themselves it’s really worth gradually building up your knowledge of them as you will hear them here, there and everywhere!

What’s more they give a language so much colour and vibrancy. If your ultimate goal is to become a proficient English speaker my advice is to embrace them heart and soul! They really are the icing on the cake!

Fill the gaps with a word from the list. There are two extra words.

ear    face    feet    head    heart    mouth    nose    neck    teeth    tongue

  1. My _____ sank when Michael told us he wouldn’t be able to go to New York with us after all.
  2. Pamela is so excited about the new project at work. She feels it’s finally something she can really get her _____ into. So far everything’s been a little too easy.
  3. Andrew would love to do a parachute jump but he’s worried that once he is up in the plane he’ll get cold _____.
  4. Jilly was happy to spend her holidays doing work experience as she knew it would give her a good _____ start in her career.
  5. “Do you want to hear how Luís proposed to María?” – “Yes, of course! I’m all _____s.
  6. I regretted saying what I did. I should have bitten my _____.
  7. Holly fell asleep on the sofa and woke up a few hours later with a crick in her _____.
  8. Peter was so angry he didn’t get the promotion that he was almost foaming at the _____.

    1. heart  2. teeth  3. feet  4. head  5. ear  6. tongue  7. neck  8. mouth

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