Verb Patterns (3): Gerund or Infinitive?

Add the gerund or infinitive form (with or without “to”) of the verb in brackets. 

  1.  “I don’t feel like __________ (cook) for so many people. How about __________
    (order) some pizzas?”
  2. Glen really enjoys __________ (read) books by Stephen King.
  3. We arranged __________ (meet) my cousins at the entrance to the amusement park.
  4. At work Sonia agreed __________ (take) a pay cut. However, she refused
    __________ (work) longer hours.
  5. I’m not sure it’s worth __________ (go) to the party now. It’s probably almost over.
  6. Julian spends all his time __________ (study) these days.
  7. When he graduates Boris would like __________ (work) for a national newspaper.
  8. Pamela can’t stand people __________ (wear) fur coats.
  9. Before __________ (become) a rock star, Sting used __________ (be) a teacher.
  10. The book was so funny it made me __________ (laugh) out loud.
  11. They were so busy __________ (look at) the cute dog that they didn’t notice the bus had arrived.
  12. __________ (Study) languages online is become more and more popular.


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