CT Quiz 578

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts on Twitter. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow first please 😉.

to keep somebody _____;

to part _____;

a shell _____;


Phrasal Verbs (5): Come

Add a suitable phrasal verb in the correct form. There is one extra verb. Answers tomorrow! 

come down with     come off     come over    come to     come up     come up with    

  1. We need to __________ a cheaper solution to the problem.
  2. Last night some friends __________ to our place and we had pizza and watched a movie.
  3. I was shocked when I saw that our hotel bill had __________ almost five hundred pounds.
  4. I’m going to have to cancel our meeting. I’m afraid something urgent has __________.
  5. The four of us were planning a trip to Australia but in the end it didn’t __________ .


    1. come up with
    2. came over
    3. come to
    4. come up
    5. come off


Future Continuous


This time tomorrow I’ll be flying to Japan.
Don’t worry, we won’t be staying long.

Add the correct form of the future continuous. Answers tomorrow! 😎

  1. Have a great birthday. We __________ of you. (think)
  2. This time tomorrow George __________  his driving test.  (take)
  3. You can have the computer this afternoon if you like. I __________ it. (not / use)
  4. The team’s plane _________  in Abu Dhabi right about now. (land)
  5. A: “What __________ this time next year?” (you / do)
    B: “I hope I __________ and __________ in Canada.” (live; work)
  6. I wouldn’t ring the boss right now.  He __________  golf and you know how he hates to be interrupted. (play)
  7. Karen’s just phoned me. She __________ us for lunch tomorrow as she has to go to Milan. (not / join)


Grow Your Idioms! (8) – Right/Straight from the horse’s mouth


Meaning: If you get news or other information “right/straight from the horse’s mouth”, you get it straight from the source, that is, from the person or people who know most about it (usually because they are directly involved).


A: “Are you sure Harry’s getting married?”
B: “Yes! I got it straight from the horse’s mouth. Harry phoned me the other day to tell me.”

A: “There’s a rumour going round that this will be the last season of “Game of Thrones”.
B: “Really? Well, I won’t believe it unless I hear it right from the horse’s mouth.”


Expressions with ‘Know’

Use these words to complete the expressions with ‘know’.

before    drill    full    going    half    heart    inside

  1. I know that poem by _____. We had to learn it at school.
  2. Where have you been? You knew _____ well that I wanted you home by ten.
  3. Sabrina has lived in Venice all her life so she knows the city _____ out.
  4. I’ve had so much to do this week I don’t know whether I’m coming or _____.
  5. The holidays will be here _____ you know it.
  6. Come on kids, you know the _____. Before you go to school you have to wash your face and brush your teeth.
  7. A: “I’ve heard the new boss is a bit arrogant.”
    B: “You don’t know the _____ of it!”


  1. heart
  2. full
  3. inside
  4. going
  5. before
  6. drill
  7. half




Improve Your Accent! (22) – Christmas

It can really help your pronunciation if you know the phonetic symbols and the sounds they represent. You don’t need to worry about learning to write them just to recognise them. Do my quickie Improve Your Accent exercises and you’ll pick them up in no time, plus you’ll improve your pronunciation and your listening skills too.

Can you ‘decipher’ these words related to Christmas? 🎅🏾

Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 20.31.35

Answers ➡️

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