Vocabulary Quiz

Expressions with ‘Know’


Use these words to complete the expressions with ‘know’.

before    drill    full    going    half    heart    inside   thing

  1. I know that poem by _____. We had to learn it at school.
  2. Where have you been? You knew _____ well that I wanted you home by ten.
  3. Sabrina has lived in Venice all her life so she knows the city _____ out.
  4. I’ve had so much to do this week I don’t know whether I’m coming or _____.
  5. The holidays will be here _____ you know it.
  6. Come on kids, you know the _____. Before you go to school you have to wash your face and brush your teeth.
  7. You’re going to a bar to meet a guy you just met on the internet? On your own? No way! You don’t know the first _____ about him!
  8. A: “I’ve heard the new boss is a bit arrogant.”
    B: “You don’t know the _____ of it!”


  1. heart
  2. full
  3. inside
  4. going
  5. before
  6. drill
  7. thing
  8. half

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