Dazzling Phrasal Verbs! (2): COME

Here’s the second instalment in my new “Dazzling Phrasal Verbs” section. Three more phrasal verbs, this time based on the word ‘come’. Do bear in mind that there are often  additional meanings for each verb.  It’s often a good idea, however, to concentrate on one meaning at a time so your brain doesn’t get too muddled!

  1. come along

    Meaning: If something is coming along it is progressing or improving.
    How’s your homework coming along? Have you almost finished?

    After changing tutors Amaya’s Italian is really coming along.

    Jane’s garden is coming along nicely; it’s so pretty.

    NB. We don’t tend to use it in the negative.

  2. come around/round

    Meaning: change your opinion or your decision (usually to stop being against sth and because somebody has persuaded you)

    We’re hoping the boss will come around to our way of thinking and let us work from home a few days a week.At first Greta’s parents didn’t want her to go to drama school but in the end they came round and supported her decision.


  3. come forward

    Meaning: present yourself, make yourself known (often to offer help or provide information)
    Police are asking witnesses to the incident to come forward.

    Lots of volunteers came forward to help at the soup kitchen.

    The owner of the winning lottery ticket still hasn’t come forward.


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