Grammar Exercises

On my own / by myself, etc

Complete the sentences using my/your own, etc and myself/yourself, etc.

1. Elizabeth is going to travel round Asia all by ________.
2. I’d rather not go and see the film just on ________.
3. I found Henry sitting by ________ in the garden.
4. I have a problem with my phone. It keeps shutting down by ________.
5. The taps in the bathroom turn off by ________.
6. We were able to raise all the necessary funds on ________.
7. Do you enjoy living by ________, Molly?
8. Paula prefers to go swimming on ________.
9. In the summer I just let my hair dry on ________.
10.  There was nobody else in the library. We were by ________.


1. herself
2. my own
3. himself
4. itself
5. themselves
6. our own
7. yourself
8. her own
9. its own
10. ourselves




Vocabulary Quiz

Mystery Word (1): Cars and Driving

Add the missing words which are all related to cars and driving, and then take the first letters of each word and shuffle them to find the mystery word.

  1. There’s  no need to walk. My mum said she would give us a _____ in her car.
  2. It can take twice as long to drive to work when it’s the _____ hour.
  3. You have to pay a _____ to cross the bridge.
  4. The taxi driver _____d just in time to avoid hitting the cyclist.
  5. If you have to walk on the road because there’s no pavement you need to walk the facing _____ traffic.
  6. A camera records the _____ plates of all the vehicles entering the car park.

Mystery word: __ __ __ __ __ __  (Hint: a pleasant walk)


1. lift
2. rush
3. toll
4. swerve
5. oncoming
6. licence

Mystery word: STROLL


Pronunciation Tweaks (1): I’m afraid

When you use “I’m afraid” to mean that you feel bad about something that you are about to say, it’s important that you don’t pause after the word ‘afraid’, because if you do it sounds like you are saying that you are scared!

Listen to to the examples and repeat them, making sure you don’t pause after ‘afraid’.

I’m afraid I didn’t do my homework.

I’m afraid I can’t stay.

I’m afraid I can’t help you.

I’m afraid you didn’t get the job.

I’m afraid we’re fully booked, sir.

Kids, I’m afraid it’s time for bed.

I’m afraid you’ll have to work tomorrow.


CT Quiz 582

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts on Twitter. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow first please 😉.

to reach _____ing point;

to _____ the back of something;

to _____ a spell;