Grammar Exercises

On my own vs. by myself, etc

Complete the sentences using my/your own, etc and myself/yourself (reflexive pronouns), etc.

1. Elizabeth is going to travel round Asia all by ________.
2. I’d rather not go and see the film just on ________.
3. I found Henry sitting by ________ in the garden.
4. I have a problem with my phone. It keeps shutting down by ________.
5. The taps in the bathroom turn off by ________.
6. We were able to raise all the necessary funds on ________.
7. Do you enjoy living by ________, Molly?
8. Paula prefers to go swimming on ________.
9. In the summer I just let my hair dry on ________.
10.  There was nobody else in the library. We were by ________.


1. herself
2. my own
3. himself
4. itself
5. themselves
6. our own
7. yourself
8. her own
9. its own
10. ourselves

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