Grammar Exercises

Verb Training (2) – Answers

1.  He didn’t go yesterday. ➡️  He went yesterday.

2.  I won’t be there. ➡️  I’ll be there.

3.  You didn’t see the film. ➡️  You saw the film

4.  He doesn’t want to read the paper.  ➡️  He wants to read the paper.

5.  They didn’t speak to the teacher.  ➡️  They spoke to the teacher.

6.  They haven’t paid the bill.  ➡️  They’ve paid the bill.

7.  I didn’t take it.  ➡️  I took it.

8.  He hasn’t missed his train.  ➡️  He’s missed his train

9.  She didn’t catch the ball.  ➡️  She caught the ball.

10.  She didn’t enjoy the play.  ➡️   She enjoyed the play.

11.  I didn’t fall off the wall.  ➡️  I fell off the wall.

12.  They haven’t lent me the money.  ➡️    They’ve lent me the money.

13.  They didn’t forget to tell me.  ➡️  They forgot to tell me.

14.  We won’t go back next year.  ➡️   We’ll go back next year.

15.  He didn’t spend all his money.  ➡️    He spent all his money.

16.  It wasn’t raining.  ➡️  It was raining.

17.  It doesn’t cost a lot of money.  ➡️  It costs a lot of money.

18.  She won’t look after the dog.  ➡️   She’ll look after the dog.

19.  I didn’t choose the right answer.   ➡️   I chose the right answer.

20.  He didn’t use to like basketball.   ➡️   He used to like basketball.

21.  They didn’t let Mike go skiing.   ➡️   They let Mike go skiing.

22.  They didn’t come to see me play football.   ➡️   They came to see me play football.

23.  I didn’t have to pay.   ➡️   I had to pay.

24. We won’t do our homework now.   ➡️    We’ll do our homework now.

25. I haven’t worn this dress before.   ➡️   I’ve worn this dress before.

26. I didn’t think about him.   ➡️    I thought about him.

27. We didn’t sit next to each other.   ➡️   We sat next to each other.

28. She didn’t feel sad.   ➡️   She felt sad.

29. He doesn’t put ketchup on his burger.   ➡️   He puts ketchup on his burger.

30. We didn’t tell her to leave.   ➡️   We told her to leave.



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