Grammar Exercises, Verb Drills

Verb Training (2) (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)

Write the following sentences in the positive, using contractions where possible.


We didn’t meet him. ➡️ We met him.

She hasn’t been to Greece. ➡️ She’s been to Greece.

1.  He didn’t go yesterday.

2.  I won’t be there.

3.  You didn’t see the film.

4.  He doesn’t want to read the paper.

5.  They didn’t speak to the teacher.

6.  They haven’t paid the bill.

7.  I didn’t take it.

8.  He hasn’t missed his train.

9.  She didn’t catch the ball.

10.  She didn’t enjoy the play.

11.  I didn’t fall off the wall.

12.  They haven’t lent me the money.

13.  They didn’t forget to tell me.

14.  We won’t go back next year.

15.  He didn’t spend all his money.

16.  It wasn’t raining.

17.  It doesn’t cost a lot of money.

18.  She won’t look after the dog.

19.  I didn’t choose the right answer.

20.  He didn’t use to like basketball.

21.  They didn’t let Mike go skiing.

22.  They didn’t come to see me play football.

23.  I didn’t have to pay.

24. We won’t do our homework now.

25. I haven’t worn this dress before.

26. I didn’t think about him.

27. We didn’t sit next to each other.

28. She didn’t feel sad.

29. He doesn’t put ketchup on his burger.

30. We didn’t tell her to leave.


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