Vocabulary Quiz

Make or Do? (1)

Fill the gaps with the correct form of make or do.

1.  The neighbours were __________ so much noise that we couldn’t sleep.

2.  OK, in your case I suppose I could  __________ an exception.

3.  Could you __________ me a favour? Could you pick up the children from school today?

4.  “Do you know you were __________ over 200km/h?” said the policeman.

5.  Would you excuse me, I need __________ a phone call.

6.  I would love to help but I’ve got a pile of work __________ .

7.   Her company has __________ an enormous profit this year.

8.   Did you __________ any horse-riding while you were on holiday?

9.   I love __________ absolutely nothing!

10. Valentina __________ all her own jewellery.

11.  ___________ me an offer I can’t refuse!

12.  George was __________ the dishes when there was a knock at the front door.

Scroll down for the answers!


1. making

2. make

3. do

4. doing

5. to make

6. to do

7. made

8. do

9. doing

10. makes

11. make

12. doing

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